Gallery as Residency

Paper Mountain, 2018

Project catalogue here 


Gallery as Residency investigates the gallery as a site for creativity. The gallery becomes not just a space for the display of completed art works but also a thinking and making space that remains in a state of flux through the continual production of new ideas. Gallery as Residency transforms the Paper Mountain exhibition space into a dynamic­ performance space with the artist working on site, unpacking how art is made and through what interactions ideas come about. Taking the concept of the artist residency as a starting point, this performance work critiques modes of creation while creating an experience between participants and the gallery space itself. An artist residency is a mysterious site between studio and gallery, often used as a fresh start or as encouragement to develop or finish a body of work. Gallery as Residency is an attempt to create work in situ that is affected by the space it is created in and the people who participate with it.