Another Residency


Residency development
Crepe streamers, anti-slip grip tape, foil paper, disco balls

installation shot during residency_2017_party streamers.JPG

I applied for a residency at Another for the reason of needing space and time to interrogate my theoretical ideas in a practical way. I had a loosely defined idea of what I wanted to achieve during the six weeks I would be there however I was feeling anxious about where and how to start considering I hadn’t been in a 'studio' environment since beginning my phd. I set out hoping to examine how little I could interact with “something” while still “producing” (in the sense of making something new, changed, affected, and conceived). I also wanted to explore what kind of, if any, ecosystem was created by objects, things, and materials (in the sense of their non-livingness) and how they acted on each other. I had to consider if I would include myself as an aspect of this ecosystem considering my livingness, or if I would be an instigator and activator. The residency was intended as an intensive period of making and thinking with open ended exploration rather than working towards completing works. I set up some parameters of outcomes revolving around assemblages, video, sound, durational installations, and interactions. During the residency three key areas of investigation emerged—ecosystems, play, changing habits.