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Abstract for the paper I presented at the AAANZ conference at UWA in 2017. It was great to be in a session with Michael Bullock.



Finding my practice in strange places revisits a recent trip overseas and the way being curious led to noticing parallels between multiple sites across New York City and my creative practice here in Perth. Taking as a point of departure the nonanthropocentric views of speculative realism and object-oriented ontology, my practice led research seeks to engage with objects, things, and materials (o/t/m) in ways that challenge common perceptions of the object/human relationship. Finding my practice in strange places also attempts to unpack the recurrent theme of spaces "other than the studio" and what this means for future theoretical and practical considerations. This presentation is an attempt at bringing together various tangents in the hope of articulating the ways in which this project reimagines our interactions with the objects, things, and materials around us.