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I'd say I'm one of those that have "struggled with tape issues"

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Take home zines made for Paper Mountain's Warm-up Dinner 3 held at City Arts Space, Perth. I was asked to give an artist talk and instead of presenting with a power point I gave everyone their own copy to follow along. 


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Finding an article that encapsulates an entire year of your creative research from 2013:

Chosil Kil @ Dallas Museum of Art Concentrations 58, 2015 Latex balloons, Hi-Float, helium, elastic cord, copper sheet

Chosil Kil @ Dallas Museum of Art
Concentrations 58, 2015
Latex balloons, Hi-Float, helium, elastic cord, copper sheet


Helium, latext balloon, fishing line, sandpaper

Research documentation 2013

Also, the struggle of trying to find an artwork you saw once but can't remember any necessary details requires futile googling techniques "giant transparent bubble moving in room contemporary art video installation"

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Recent studio playing- ravelling, unravelling, once removed interaction, activation

motor, loop velcro


motor, flagging tape

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A new project:

Gallery as Residency investigates the gallery as a site for creativity. The gallery becomes not just a space for the display of completed art works but also a thinking and making space that remains in a state of flux through the continual production of new ideas. Gallery as Residency transforms the Paper Mountain exhibition space into a dynamic­ performance space with the artist working on site, unpacking how art is made and through what interactions ideas come about. Taking the concept of the artist residency as a starting point, this performance work critiques modes of creation while creating an experience between participants and the gallery space itself. An artist residency is a mysterious site between studio and gallery, often used as a fresh start or as encouragement to develop or finish a body of work. Gallery as Residency is an attempt to create work in situ that is affected by the space it is created in and the people who participate with it.


I'll be continuing to work in the gallery space until the 23rd Feb when the works made during the residency will be exhibiting in situ. 

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Abstract for the paper I presented at the AAANZ conference at UWA in 2017. It was great to be in a session with Michael Bullock.



Finding my practice in strange places revisits a recent trip overseas and the way being curious led to noticing parallels between multiple sites across New York City and my creative practice here in Perth. Taking as a point of departure the nonanthropocentric views of speculative realism and object-oriented ontology, my practice led research seeks to engage with objects, things, and materials (o/t/m) in ways that challenge common perceptions of the object/human relationship. Finding my practice in strange places also attempts to unpack the recurrent theme of spaces "other than the studio" and what this means for future theoretical and practical considerations. This presentation is an attempt at bringing together various tangents in the hope of articulating the ways in which this project reimagines our interactions with the objects, things, and materials around us. 


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I attended the ASCP conference at the end of last year in Hobart, this is the abstract for the paper I presented:

Nonanthropocentric Approaches: exploring engagements of OOO through practice-led research

The curatorial statement for the exhibition And Another Thing posited that the collected works were “part of an alternate movement toward nonanthropocentrism, an effort to dislodge the human from the centre of discussion, to enrich the concept of being, and to open the very world itself to all things that comprise it. The world is brimming with things, and seen from a non-anthropocentric vantage, all things are equal, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral. Nonanthropocentrism repositions humans as just “another thing,” no more precious or central than any other” (Behar & Mikelsen, 2011).

The exhibition was an early exploration into nonanthropocentrism for artist/curator Katherine Behar and was an event that preceded two of her books that explicitly dealt with object-oriented ontologies (OOO)—And Another Thing: Nonanthropocentrism in Art (2016), and Object-Oriented Feminism (2016). These contributions to the fields of both art and philosophy came from practically engaging with concepts of OOO and nonanthropocentrism through creative practice first and foremost. This paper examines what is meant by “practically engaging” with a philosophical theory in creative practice and proposes the framework of practice-led research as the generative mode this action can occur within, referencing both my own art practice and that of others.

The postgraduate day before the conference was a great opportunity to meet other early career researchers and listen to speakers from across Australia and overseas. Dr Michelle Boulous Walker from University of Queensland talked about the need for collegiality within institutions and definitely inspired some of us to engage more in reading groups and events on our own campuses. Her book Slow Philosophy: reading against the institution, available through Bloomsbury publishing, identifies the need for academic pursuits to be slowed down against the demands of the institution- makes me feel better about the pace of my PhD!


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The progression of workshop speakers at the geo- symposium, November 2016

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Even when you don't want them to

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Rhonda Holberton
Displaced Holes
Polyurethane Foam, Plaster, Graphite
39 x 39 x 11 in

“I am interested in what is at stake there- and how at the far reaches of our perception the belief in science and magic do not seem that different.”


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Continental Roll (2016)

The role of continental philosophy in the 21st Century / / a philosophy of continental rolls in the 21st Century


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Philosophical Differences- Bryant, Harman (2016)

A process that found the difference to be 27